Monday, June 22, 2009

Kim’s “No Excuses” Workout
This is a fun workout to do with friends. I tried it out on an awesome group of women last week and they pushed it hard!!!
25-50 lbs rice, sand, or corn, chair, water
Warm Up:
Jumping Jacks
Jog in Place
Bodyweight Squats
Slow Pushups
(Repeat 2-3 times)
Circuit: 10-15 reps
· Chair squats holding 25-50lbs (Back straight, abs tight)
· Alternating lunges, bodyweight (advanced: sling rice over shoulder, take long strides, knee over ankle)
· Pushups (abs tight, chest to floor)
· Plank hold to failure (on forearms, back flat, abs contracted)
Outside street conditioning:
Find a marker, hold 50 lbs and walk as fast as you can to marker, drop weight down, 2 pushups on weight, 10 Mt. Climbers, pick up weight, walk back to starting point and repeat 5 times (work your way up to 10 trips)
Cool Down: Walk 5 minutes slowly to let your heart rate come back down. Do not stop abruptly!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

My favorite protein shakes and bars

Many people ask what brands of protein supplements I like. Well, here they are!

Think Thin (I love that they have 20 grams of protein, no sugar and taste great! White Chocolate is so good)
Balance Carb Well Bars (Again I gravitate towards no sugar bars)
Pure Protein

Whey Protein:
Jay Robb (Sweetened with Stevia and mixes easily)
Isopure Cookies & Creme (Mix and freeze for a ice cream treat)
Designer Whey

Whole Foods Market carries many of these products. I also like buying from and they ship their products fast!

Strong Girl Fitness LLC is official

Welcome to Strong Girl Fitness Blog!

I am very excited to launch my personal training business.

"Unconventional Training for Fit, Fierce, Females"

I will post fun and innovative training techniques, words of wisdom and motivation as well as creative and easy food ideas. Also in the works is a fun line of fitness tanks guaranteed to generate lots of energy!

Please stay tuned for more updates!