Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Inspiration, Motivation, Appreciation"

“Inspiration, Motivation, Appreciation”

There are days and weeks in our lives where you feel so overwhelmed and you feel like you need to pinch yourself to see if your dreaming or not. Well, these last couple weeks have been amazing.
I’ve had the chance to connect with some amazing women (and one tough guy) who I am proud to say are my clients. They have become strong and focused not only in their workouts but in their personal lives as well.
That is one of the benefits of exercise that not everyone expects. It makes since that physical strength would carry over and form a strong mind. I was able to elaborate on this theory while speaking to a group of students this week. I spoke from experience as I talked about finding my own inner strength from power-lifting. I lift heavy weight so I can deal with challenges that may come my way.
I look at the fit and motivated colleagues, training partners, and friends with admiration. We are in control of our health and fitness. I am so proud of each and every one of you! We need to be supportive, encouraging, and proactive in this lifelong fitness journey! I challenge you to be creative in your training and share your ideas.
Below I am sharing a client testimony I received from a very strong individual. This person exemplifies healthy living and has fun doing it.
"Although I danced modern for several years I could never say that I was “fit”. After an unfortunate injury to my arches in 2006 I was unable to continue dancing and my activity level plummeted. When I did start getting active again I was unwittingly chained to the same dull routine that was not getting me results. I began working out with Kim in hopes that this would shape me up into the tight, toned, and strong woman that I wanted to be. It did! I feel proud to walk across my college campus with a buff body and a ton of confidence. I love when people stare at Kim and I me when we beast it out because I hope we are helping them learn some new moves (like overhead presses with a tire). I receive compliments on a weekly basis about my new and improved figure and I know I couldn’t have done it without Kim. She is incredibly supportive and will push you to attain your goals. Whenever I have a question she is eager to give me answers. I have never felt so confident about the way I look, and that confidence extends into the rest of my life. Thanks Kim!"
Antoninia Whaples, AKA “Fit, Fierce, Female”

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buff Bride Part Two

Buff Bride Part Two:

And the butt busting bride- to- be workouts continue! Follow Brittany in her journey.

500 lunges, 100 pushups, biking intervals paired wih leg curl.....OUCH! I feel like my lower body may fall off any second, there will have to be a nap later today! Kim and I have really been working hard these past few weeks and I am starting to see some good results. We are training for the wedding and a December marathon so it is all very specific and right now we are actually trying to cut fat and muscle to get me a little lighter on the scales for running. But, this past month my stomach is finally beginning to get a little leaner and I have officially lost 4-5 lbs. Yes, yes I know it seems crazy for someone who is doing all of this plus training for a marathon to only lose 4lbs in 3 months but thats just the way it is going. Apparently, once you turn 25 your metabolism STOPS haha! Gone are the days of losing 8lbs in a week while eating doughnuts...sigh...I miss those days.

Anyway, I have begun to clean up my diet which seems to make a difference in my body and my energy level. I have actually reduced my dairy intake to near nothing and have been feeling the biggest difference from that change. Don't get me wrong though, I have my moments. This weekend was my birthday, and Monday afternoon while driving home from Pawleys Island, I was the girl stuck in traffic on 501 North eating leftover Confetti Cake out of a tupperware with a spoon (that I just happened to have in my consol) needless to say,it wasn't a proud moment, but it was yummy! haha! Of course this specific cake incident came after a weekend of sampling possible wedding cakes, which is possibly the best part of planning a wedding if you have a sweet tooth,obviously I do! I love cake but now must stay away till May!

So far, my marathon training is going great!! I am up to 16 miles on my long runs and am now able to hold a 8:45 pace comfortably on my shorter runs during the week, so I am well on my way! Distance running, I have found, is one of the most physically and mentally challenging activities I have ever done but it is also one of the most rewarding. I finally understand that "runners high." I officially entered Charlotte's ThunderRoad marathon on December 12th so there is no turning back now! I am giving my training for this my everything as it will be one of the last races I do as a single girl; and being a former swimmer for the University of Florida, racing has been a huge part of my single life. I'd love to qualify for Boston at this race so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thats all for now, check back in next month for another bride- to- be update!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Motivation for Physique Competitor's

September is here. And with a glimpse of fall weather, crisp fresh air and stimulating outdoor workouts comes the other side of fitness. Many figure and bodybuilding competitor's are in the last stages of dieting preparation. I am so proud of all my friends who are working so hard to rock the stage! I look forward to Oct. 10th Natural Bodybuilding & Figure show in Highpoint Nc, as well as Oct. 17th NPC show in Charlotte, NC (Jay Cutler is the guest poser:) If you haven't been to a show, come check one out!
Below is a poem inspired by the hard work it takes to compete....
"Figure Athlete"

A tidal wave of water washes through the deeply etched abs days
Before the event
Not a carb in sight nor an ounce of fat left behind
The striated arms extend above the carefully tousled hair
Posed just right to place the
Peaked biceps in full view
The rounded curves sit solid on full, healthy hamstrings
Vascularity curses through the tight
Which draw the eye down the body in appreciative
The color of the skin looks like caramel syrup yet the only thing sweet in the
Mouth is the taste of chocolate protein powder feeding these
The crowd cheers in awe, the judges raise an eyebrow as the figurine
Makes the quarter turns
The light reflects off the bronzed beauty as she holds her mandatory pose
Months, weeks, days, of prep
Hours of sweat
Hundreds of meals
All in the name of competing
She waves to the applause, flashes one last smile, the feeling is
She exits the stage and exhales the last bit of adrenaline
She earns the title
“Figure Athlete”

Kim Coronel 2009