Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creating Your Own Personal Legend

Creating Your Own Personal Legend
Recently while sitting down and chatting with a local journalist I was asked a very good question. “What is the number one thing that attracts you to powerlifting?” I took a moment to ponder that but almost immediately blurted out this. “If I can have 225lbs on my back, pull 300lbs off the ground with my small thumbs using a hook grip or push a heavy bar off my chest, then why wouldn’t I have the strength to deal with all the curve balls that life throws at me?”

I believe internal strength can be built from a combination of factors and I’ve taken to “the iron” as a means to make me the best I can in all areas of my life. So now with less than ten weeks until my big meet I have incorporated multiple protocols into my training split. I’m using minibands to strengthen my explosive speed as well as heavy Mechanical Ox work (squat and deadlift machine). I also take into account mental exercises to anticipate the lifts I want to achieve. All of the steps that lead up to the lift are crucial: the hand and foot placing, breathing, arch, abdominal pressure, and perfect technique. It is a lot to think about and the most crucial element to perfect execution will be the ability NOT to think about the steps once the time comes. It will all flow naturally.

Adaptation to my central nervous system has been very interesting to watch. My strength levels have dramatically increased each week and I’m a firm believer in recovery! I only train three days not including my normal cardio. I supplement consistently with glutamine and pre/post workout drink which includes BCAA’s and Creatine. I feel great and sleep well which is a large part of the puzzle often overlooked by many.

I’m also reading “The Alchemist” which was recommended by Jay Parr creator of Boone Bar natural energy bar, one of my supplement sponsors. The book talks about discovering your own Personal Legend, something that you have always wanted to accomplish since you were young. I’m confident that I am in pursuit of my own Personal Legend. Thousands of reps attempted, hundreds of pounds lifted, all for the satisfaction of succeeding in the sport of powerlifting and the sport of life!