Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buff Bride Part Two

Buff Bride Part Two:

And the butt busting bride- to- be workouts continue! Follow Brittany in her journey.

500 lunges, 100 pushups, biking intervals paired wih leg curl.....OUCH! I feel like my lower body may fall off any second, there will have to be a nap later today! Kim and I have really been working hard these past few weeks and I am starting to see some good results. We are training for the wedding and a December marathon so it is all very specific and right now we are actually trying to cut fat and muscle to get me a little lighter on the scales for running. But, this past month my stomach is finally beginning to get a little leaner and I have officially lost 4-5 lbs. Yes, yes I know it seems crazy for someone who is doing all of this plus training for a marathon to only lose 4lbs in 3 months but thats just the way it is going. Apparently, once you turn 25 your metabolism STOPS haha! Gone are the days of losing 8lbs in a week while eating doughnuts...sigh...I miss those days.

Anyway, I have begun to clean up my diet which seems to make a difference in my body and my energy level. I have actually reduced my dairy intake to near nothing and have been feeling the biggest difference from that change. Don't get me wrong though, I have my moments. This weekend was my birthday, and Monday afternoon while driving home from Pawleys Island, I was the girl stuck in traffic on 501 North eating leftover Confetti Cake out of a tupperware with a spoon (that I just happened to have in my consol) needless to say,it wasn't a proud moment, but it was yummy! haha! Of course this specific cake incident came after a weekend of sampling possible wedding cakes, which is possibly the best part of planning a wedding if you have a sweet tooth,obviously I do! I love cake but now must stay away till May!

So far, my marathon training is going great!! I am up to 16 miles on my long runs and am now able to hold a 8:45 pace comfortably on my shorter runs during the week, so I am well on my way! Distance running, I have found, is one of the most physically and mentally challenging activities I have ever done but it is also one of the most rewarding. I finally understand that "runners high." I officially entered Charlotte's ThunderRoad marathon on December 12th so there is no turning back now! I am giving my training for this my everything as it will be one of the last races I do as a single girl; and being a former swimmer for the University of Florida, racing has been a huge part of my single life. I'd love to qualify for Boston at this race so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thats all for now, check back in next month for another bride- to- be update!

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