Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shake up your routine

Want to try an unconventional workout?

Here are a couple sample conditioning routines I've tried recently:

A great website that has video demonstrations and pictures of these exercises: http://www.elitefts.com/

Interval Conditioning

Warm up with 5 sled drags down a 100 yard dash. (add weight to the sled depending on your level, I use a 45 lb. plate on mine)

Prowler Push 5 trips (again add weight, I use two 25 lb. plates on mine)

50-60 Tire flips (rest briefly after 10 flips, then repeat)

Finish with 3x20 wood choppers or sledge hammer abs

(I learned about these techniques from the team at East Coast Barbell (Primal Strength & Conditioning in Kernersville, NC) Contact me for location if interested.

Strength & Conditioning Combo

Warm up with eliptical or sled drag 5-10 mins

100 tire flips (there are several different size tires, I use a 150 lb tire) rest as needed

Black strap pushups 3 sets to failure

Body weight dips 3 sets to failure

Pull ups (assisted with a band if needed) 3 sets to failure

Sandbag toss (grab a 25-50lb sandbag and toss from your chest as far as you can engaging your core) repeat 5 tosses 3 times resting after 5

Finish with hanging leg raises, wood choppers, plank hold (advanced add weight)

Hope this encourages you to explore other ways of training! Let me know what you think!

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