Friday, May 7, 2010

Mermaid Muscles...How To Grow Fins While Dieting For A Show

Being that I am 9 weeks out from the stage and I want to see faster results I decided to add in more fish to my diet because I tend to digest it better. The downside is that I am extremely hungry! I go grocery shopping on the hunt for some light flaky fish preferably wild, not farm raised. Cod, sole, haddock oh my! Cooking it brings such a nice smell into my little apartment as it reminds me nostalgically of Pike Place fish market back home in Seattle. I love to open up my fish container at 8:30am each morning in my office and scarf it down in between clients.
I’ve also resorted to buying three lbs of fresh broccoli florets from Chef Smart and see how fast I can plow through its fibrous spears. Three pounds in two days to be exact!
The end result of this broccoli bonanza and fishy madness? Hopefully I will see faster fat loss and possibly blossom into a beautiful muscle mermaid at the same time, so be on the lookout for my fins…


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