Thursday, February 25, 2010

4 Weeks Out Until USAPL Battle on the Border

4 Weeks Out Until Meet …Feeling Feisty
So the last two weeks have been extremely encouraging as I’ve trained each Friday with my coach using several techniques that are new to my body. Basically, I’m trying to push the limits of my CNS and gain power from the use of banded squats and banded deadlifts. I did come across a slight problem when I lost my grip warming up with a deadlift and smashed my big toe. Nonetheless, I’m healing fast and and I’ve been getting stronger each week. I will try out some openers this week and hope to train the following week in Columbus while I’m there for The Arnold Expo.

Here is a sample of what I’ve done the past couple Friday nights:
Overspeed low box squat vs green band 135lbs 5x3
Speed Bench Press 115lbs 8x2
Max Effort Deadlift off blocks 185, 225, 275lbs 3x5

Swiss Bar ½ squat 3RM 245lbs
#3 board press 3 RM 200lbs
Rack Pull 3RM 315lbs
Rev Hypers 3x12
Eagle Abs

Thursdays are always my fun conditioning workout usually with the prowler, sled, tire, plyos and whatever else we come up with. Cardio during the rest of the week is stair mill intervals and treadmill.
After this meet I am contemplating dieting down for my first bodybuilding show. I have put on so much muscle that I am curious to see what I would look like ripped up. I have a great supportive group of friends and training partners that would back me up 100%. Any thoughts or feedback on this possibility?:)
There are several shows coming up locally including the Natural Atlantic Coast in High Point. I have several friends competing in figure this year and there is always the possibility of the Yorton Cup in D.C. Time to make a decision and dive in!


  1. i suspect when you get back from The Arnold you'll be so friggin pumped, it'll be like an extra nitro kick that puts you over the top for awhile.

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